5 Practical Time Management Tips For Working Moms

Being a mother is one of the most amazing things in the world. However, this responsibility becomes challenging when you have to balance family and work. With proper time management, you will find enough time to pay attention to your kids and spouse and get your job done on time. The following are some of the time management tips that can help you to be organized.

  • Spend less time on hair and makeup

Most women waste too much time in the morning making their hair and doing makeup. Working women are advised to get a low maintenance hair and go for a more natural look. These days, short hair is fashionable and looks very professional. The time they would have spent on the hair could be spent on family to give the day a good start. You can also spend the saved time to prepare all the things you need to carry to the office.

  • Cook meals efficiently

Cooking a meal for three people takes the same time to prepare a meal for six people. To save time, double the ingredients you are going to use and then keep some food to be taken at a later date. This is quite practical when you are cooking dinner. Cook food that can be taken for dinner and lunch the next day.

  • Learn to multi-task

You are a working mother and time is not on your side. Learn to accomplish two tasks at the same time. Multi-tasking is more efficient for jobs that are non-physical. A good example is making a phone call while cooking or washing dishes. Trying to cook and iron clothes are difficult, and you could end up in a mess.

  • Learn to delegate

Most mothers want to do everything themselves with the aim of helping their loved ones lead a comfortable life. However, doing everything all by yourself can lead to a lot of stress. You will also find that you have not completed some tasks on time. To avoid all this hassle, moms should learn to delegate some duties to other people. For example; children can assist to clean dishes or dust the floor as mom cooks dinner. After dinner, the children can also help to clear up the table. Such activities can bring a lot of fun to the family and provide moms enough time to spend and bond with their children.

  • Go to bed early

A lot of moms have admitted that going to bed early does magic for them. They are able to wake up early and get a lot of things done. Having a fresh mind enables one to reduce the amount of time spent on a task and also increases efficiency.

Lack of organization can ruin your relationship with your family and your boss. Remember that you need to make money and be a good mother and wife at the same time. This is why you need to have proper time management. If you bring some work at home, set it aside until the kids are asleep. In spite of all that, ensure that you give yourself a break. Enough sleep and rest contribute to health, wealth and wisdom.

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