5 Monthly And Annual Goal Planning Tips For Moms

We all love setting goals but the problem is that not many people achieve them. This is because they don’t do much after making a list for the year. As a matter of fact, for you to achieve your goals, it’s important that you break them down into actionable items over a less timeframe.

When implemented in annual, quarterly or even weekly increments, it gives you much more control, scope, and definition over what you will do regarding the overall goal and you even have a greater chance of achieving it. Here are quarterly and annual goal planning tips for busy moms.

  1. Start with the Big Picture

The best approach to take towards creating quarterly goals is by seeing those goals as part of a bigger picture. For your quarter goals to be practical and achievable, you should begin by planning for the whole year. If your goal is to lose weight, how many kilograms or pounds do you want to lose in the coming year? Or if it’s for business, how many customers are you intending to add to your numbers?

  1. Think Quarterly

Think Quarterly

After understanding the big picture for the upcoming year, you can create a strategy for dealing with those yearly goals each per quarter. Break each annual goal into 4 steps that will enable you to be successful at the end of the year. Each step represents the quarterly goal. Now, rather than have a big one-year goal, you have manageable tasks that even look achievable. You can now start thinking of plans that will enable you to meet your goals.

  1. Break the 3-Month Goals into Weekly and Monthly Bits

The advantage of breaking your goals into monthly and weekly bits is that they are not as overwhelming and also give you the satisfaction of attaining them within shorter periods of time, something that keeps you motivated. To achieve this, follow the pattern in point no.2 above- take apart the quarterly goals and divide them into 3 months of each quarter. After that, have each monthly goal broken into 4 smaller increments that equate to weekly mini-goals.

  1. Set Benchmarks

It’s important to have benchmarks which you can do by having regular meetings with members of your team and discuss the goals and he progress being made. The meetings help to ensure that every member of the team stays on track towards achieving their quarterly goal and also provide enough time for course-correction where necessary. This leads us to the next monthly and annual goal planning tip for moms.

  1. Have room for Flexibility

The best strategies and plans always have a room for adjustment or change. Although you can predict many factors to a point, change can and always happens. Such a change might cause your roadmap or goals to change. In addition, a goal that sounded great initially might turn out to be not that good. These reasons explain why flexibility is important to achieving your quarterly goals.

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