5 Productivity Apps For Moms

As a mom, there is always a lot to do and a lot screaming for your attention here and there. It is even worse when you’re a working mom, or you own your own business. Everything and everyone wants a bit of you. From the husband to the kids, business partners or boss at work, the house chores are there staring you in the face and all of that. Sometimes, everything feels unorganized and uncoordinated. But, with the right “tools,” you can reorganize and re-coordinate your life. You don’t have to “lose your mind” at any point in time.

With the following five apps in this article, your family plus work stress can reduce to the barest minimum. You can even plan your dinner and shopping lists with your phone. You, your family and work partners can always have smiles put on.

Five productivity apps for moms

Evernote: Evernote is a fantastic app suitable for meticulous note-taking. If you need something with which you can quickly drop your ideas as they come so they don’t slip away, Evernote it is. With it, you can make a to-do list, take notes and save documents there such as word documents, PDFs, and even excel sheets. One outstanding thing about the app is that it allows you to streamline across other devices. It can remind you about some of your jottings to be put on your calendar later. Also, you can share your notes with others so it can even serve as a means to communicate with those who matter to your daily life.

Google Calendar:

The Google Calendar is a fantastic way for you to schedule your programs. And, you can bring it into your calendar for automatic synchronization when you make appointments. With the app, you can plan your activities and daily programs such as doctor’s appointments for you or your kids, your children’s activities at school and all of that. For your business/work, you can always stay connected anytime and anywhere with your colleagues. And guess what? Setting it up is as simple as ABC. Majorly, what it requires is setting up a Gmail account. For a mom, you may need this to keep you productive.

Google Drive:

Google Drive allows more than one person have access to a document or spreadsheet. You can both edit on Google drive at a time, fantastic right? Google Drive is everywhere these days. You can access it on your mobile phone, office computer and home computer. It is convenient to work with. Wherever you go, your necessary documents are always with you, since you can access it on your phone and computers, anywhere at that! You can create word documents, spreadsheets, slides, google forms, Google drawings, etc.


This is a must-have organizer for moms. With it, you communicate and coordinate schedules and activities, stay on the same page with your family without losing your mind. You can make your to-do list with it, track grocery lists and even make a dinner plan ahead of time.

It features family calendar which allows you keep track of what everyone is doing or is to do. It has a color-coded calendar to help you remember where who should be and when. With this app, no one will miss an appointment. You can set reminders, organize school schedules, practices, lessons for your kids, organize your meetings and activities, it also allows you to save recipes, make shopping lists, and more.


Most times we sign up for newsletters that eventually become a bug and fills up our emails. When the time to pick out the relevant emails comes, it becomes a challenge because there are way too much of junks to go through. Unrollme is an app that comes to help you from drowning in those junks and unwanted emails. With just one click, those junk emails are over for good! You can effortlessly unsubscribe from junk emails and never see them again.


I hope you try any or all of these apps out. For me, a happy woman equals a happy family. So, why not plan your activities and remain focused with the help of the above-suggested applications. Good luck with them!

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